Aventurine dangle earring
Aventurine dangle earring
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Aventurine dangle earring

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Green aventurine is known as “the stone of opportunity.” It is considered the luckiest of all of the crystals, bringing good fortune in many different forms, whether it’s financial luck, luck with relationships, or simply luck in anything one does. Aventurine is also known to aid in breaking unhealthy patterns and habits, encouraging growth and change. It brings optimism, creativity, confidence, and motivation.

Carnelian is bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering, leadership and courage, protected and inspired throughout history.

This unique earringis the perfect piece that can be worn everyday.


 Product details

  *material:14 karat gold plated over brass / Rhodium plated over brass

  *Stone: green aventurine (main stone), carnelian gem stone(small dangle part)

  *Ear pieces: fish hook/ earring stopper

  *14 karat gold plated 26 gauge wire

  *Nickel free.

  *All natural stone size will be tiny different .

Item overview

  *Made to order

  *Number of stands: 1

  *Only ships to united states

  *Style: minimalist

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